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double_arrow Category:
menu Stacksize:
auto_awesome Threshable:
landscape Harvestable:
settings Ingredients:
2x Processor Unit
2x Atlantum Ingot
1x Cooling System
shopping_cart_checkout Production Quantity:
1 (2 in Assembler)
rotate_right Base Production Speed:
6 sec
construction Manually Craftable:
precision_manufacturing Produced in:
Assembler MKII
Unlocked by:
Found in: [Quantity: 6, Amount: 310]
Chest 007 [T24 (Bot)] Amount: 20
(Hint: Crouch between the Boxes.)
Chest 009 [U24 (Bot)] Amount: 20
(Hint: Crouch between the Boxes.)
Chest 010 [T24] Amount: 150
(Hint: Inside the Outpost parkour on the Pipes to the ceiling.)
Chest 011 [V24] Amount: 10
(Hint: Inside the Outpost near Sparks.)
Chest 031 [D18 Top] Amount: 100
(Hint: Behind the Door, inside the Upper Science Laboratory.)
Chest 040 [AA7] Amount: 10
(Hint: From The Chest V5 dig wour way to the Elevator (AA5) then walk south and dig south at AA6.)