label_important Game Content label_important Logistic label_important Conveyors label_important Conveyor Belt MKII ["Jas Belt"]
double_arrow Category:
menu Stacksize:
auto_awesome Threshable:
landscape Harvestable:
open_with Size:
apps Blocked Space:
Chronic Belt Speed:
8 Items/sec (480/min)
settings Ingredients:
5x Copper Components
5x Shiverthorn Coolant
10x Conveyor Belt
shopping_cart_checkout Production Quantity:
5 (10 in Assembler)
rotate_right Base Production Speed:
1 sec
construction Manually Craftable:
precision_manufacturing Produced in:
Assembler MKII
Unlocked by:
Techtree: Logistics -> Tier 5 -> Conveyor Belt MKII
Unlocked by: Scanner (Position T24)
Is used for: [Quantity: 2]
5x    Conveyor Belt MKIII
10x Conveyor Belt MKII
5x Atlantum Ingot
Requirement for: [Quantity: 6, Amount: 15300]
Door RE-3217 [Research Lab - D18 Top]: Amount: 200
Terminal Victor - Level 4 [S16]: Amount: 3400
Terminal Victor - Level 5 [S16]: Amount: 900
Terminal Victor - Level 6 [S16]: Amount: 900
Terminal Victor - Level 7 [S16]: Amount: 900
Terminal Victor - Level 8 [S16]: Amount: 9000
Found in: [Quantity: 5, Amount: 380]
Chest 015 [U17] Amount: 10
(Hint: Dig behind the Waterfall.)
Chest 017 [W21] Amount: 70
(Hint: Behind the bottom of the old Elevator Shaft.)
Chest 021 [J20] Amount: 50
(Hint: Inside the Warehouse.)
Chest 044 [H1] Amount: 50
(Hint: At the top of the Waterfall.)
Chest 048 [F4] Amount: 200
(Hint: Behind the second Door, inside the Warehouse II.)