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menu Stacksize:
auto_awesome Threshable:
landscape Harvestable:
settings Ingredients:
2x Copper Ore
shopping_cart_checkout Production Quantity:
rotate_right Base Production Speed:
4 sec
construction Manually Craftable:
precision_manufacturing Produced in:
Smelter MKII
Unlocked by:
Techtree: Synthesis -> Tier 2 -> Copper Ingot
Unlocked by: Scanner (Position P25)
Is used for: [Quantity: 5]
2x    Copper Components
2x Copper Ingot
3x    Copper Wire
1x Copper Ingot
1x    Copper Frame
6x Copper Ingot
2x    Mechanical Components
2x Copper Ingot
4x Iron Ingot
Requirement for: [Quantity: 5, Amount: 3850]
Terminal Lima - Level 2 [Q24]: Amount: 20
Terminal Lima - Level 3 [Q24]: Amount: 30
Terminal Victor - Level 1 [S16]: Amount: 500
Terminal Victor - Level 2 [S16]: Amount: 2400
Terminal Victor - Level 3 [S16]: Amount: 900
Found in: [Quantity: 1, Amount: 120]
Chest 013 [P21] Amount: 120
(Hint: In the middle of the River between Terminal Lima and Terminal Victor, dig to the west.)