label_important Game Content label_important Items label_important Parts label_important Shiverthorn Coolant
double_arrow Category:
menu Stacksize:
auto_awesome Threshable:
landscape Harvestable:
settings Ingredients:
8x Limestone
1x Iron Components
2x Shiverthorn Extract
shopping_cart_checkout Production Quantity:
1 (2 in Assembler)
rotate_right Base Production Speed:
2 sec
construction Manually Craftable:
precision_manufacturing Produced in:
Assembler MKII
Unlocked by:
Requirement for: [Quantity: 0, Amount: 0]
Found in: [Quantity: 12, Amount: 1330]
Chest 013 [P21] Amount: 50
(Hint: In the middle of the River between Terminal Lima and Terminal Victor, dig to the west.)
Chest 016 [V17] Amount: 100
(Hint: Dig way more behind the Waterfall.)
Chest 017 [W21] Amount: 30
(Hint: Behind the bottom of the old Elevator Shaft.)
Chest 020 [K14] Amount: 150
(Hint: In the small Cave at K15 dig north.)
Chest 025 [I20] Amount: 100
(Hint: Behind some boxes and shelves.)
Chest 026 [Q9] Amount: 100
(Hint: Right-side of the Power plant dig north.)
Chest 029 [H4] Amount: 100
(Hint: Behind the waterfall dig north-east.)
Chest 039 [W5] Amount: 50
(Hint: Enter the cave from V9 and stay north till V6, then dig east.)
Chest 040 [AA7] Amount: 50
(Hint: From The Chest V5 dig wour way to the Elevator (AA5) then walk south and dig south at AA6.)
Chest 041 [L9] Amount: 200
(Hint: Find your way up to the higher cave at M6 and at K9 dig south-east.)
Chest 042 [H10] Amount: 300
(Hint: Find your way up to the higher cave at M6 and at H8 dig south-west.)
Chest 045 [O8] Amount: 100
(Hint: Find your way up to the higher cave at M6 and on the way to at M8 dig east.)