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1. Technical Information about Techtonica
1.1 Where can i buy the Game? content_copy
The Game is only avaiable on Steam and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for Windows. Follow this Link to go to the Steam-Store.
Additional the Game is avaiable on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One as well as on Gforce NOW.
1.2 What are the System-Requirements for Techtonica? content_copy
OS: Windows 7 or Later (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor (3 GHz or greater / 4 cores or greater)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1650 6GB VRAM (or equivalent) / AMD RX 560 4GB VRAM (or equivalent)
Storage: 15 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required for mutliplayer.
OS: Windows 10 or Later (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor (3.5 GHz or greater / 6 cores or greater)
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1070 8GB VRAM (or equivalent) / AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB VRAM (or equivalent)
Storage: 15 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required for mutliplayer.
1.3 Which languages are supported in the Game? content_copy
Audio in Techtonica is only avaiable in english language.
The Game-Interface and subtitles are avaiable in following languages:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese - Brazil
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish - Latin America
  • Traditional Chinese
1.4 Does Techtoncia support ultrawide resolutions? content_copy
Yes, Techtonica supports a huge value of different resolutions like:
  • FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • QHD (2560 x 1440)
  • UHD (3840 x 2160)
  • UWFHD (2560 × 1080)
  • UWQHD (3440 x 1440)
  • DQHD (5120 × 1440)
  • ... and many more
1.5 Can i play Techtonica in multiplayer mode? content_copy
Yes, Techtonica supports 4-Player coop online-gaming using Steam / Microsoft Xbox to invite your friends into your game.
A crossover play (between Steam-Players and Xbox-Players is not avaiable
Please keep in mind that the initial player is the Multiplayer-host, so the savegames are stored on his PC-Client / In his Steam-Cloud.
Therefore the same player has to load and restart the game after taking a break.
1.6 Are dedicated Game-Servers avaiable for multiplayer mode of Techtonica? content_copy
No, at the moment Techtonica dosn't support dedicated servers.
The developer-team is working on player-hosted, dedicated Servers, but dedicated servers hosted by FHG are not planned so far.
1.7 Can i play Techtonica on my Mac, Linux-PC, Mobile or any Console? content_copy
YES and NO, Techtonica is only playable on Windows-Platform, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One as well as on Gforce NOW. Crossplay is only avaiable between Xbox-Players as well as between Steam-Players, not between Steam and Xbox.
You can try runnning Techtonica in a Windows-Emulator and on the Steam-Deck, but this is not official supported.
But as Geforce NOW supports nearly any Platform (Playstation, Smart TV's, Mac, Android etc. its over Geforce NOW available on nearly any platform!
1.8 Are MOD's for Techtonica available? content_copy
MOD's (Game Modifications) are currently not officialy supportet for Techtonica.
If you have created any MOD's for Techtonica feel free to contact me for adding it to the MOD-Section of the Techtonica-Calculator [under development, cause no MOD's so far.].
1.9 Is there a Demo Version of Techtonica available? content_copy
No, the Techtonica demo was shutdown about a month before Early Access-Release.
You can purchase the game on Steam and completely refund it if you only play it for a maximum of 120 minutes.
1.10 Is the Steam-Cloud-Service available in Techtonica? content_copy
Yes, Techtonica support Steam-Cloud-Saveing.
Your savegames are additional stored locally on your harddrive. If you want to save or transfer your saves manually to another PC you find these files here, located in a subfolder named with a random number:
C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\AppData\LocalLow\Fire Hose Games\Techtonica
If you can't find the "Appdata"-folder, try entering "%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Fire Hose Games\Techtonica" in the adress-line in Windows-Explorer and press enter.
2. Worth knowing about Techtonica
2.1 Where can i find my Savegames? content_copy
Your savegames are stored locally on your Harddrive. If you want to save or transfer your saves to another PC you find these files here, located in a subfolder named with a random number:
C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\AppData\LocalLow\Fire Hose Games\Techtonica
If you can't find the "Appdata"-Folder, try entering "%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Fire Hose Games\Techtonica" in the adress-line in Windows-Explorer and press enter.
2.2 Is there a possibility to hide the Interface to take screenshots? content_copy
Yes, you can hide/show the Interface by pressing "Right Ctrl" + "Right Shift" + "H".
Please keep in Mind that "Right Shift" + "H" also activated/deactivates the Flashlight.
2.3 Will my Early-Access savegames work with the final version of Techtonica? content_copy
So far the developers have not yet commented on this, but depending on the changes i wouldn't count on it!
2.4 Are there any informations available whats next after Early-Access Release? content_copy
The developers of Techtonica have released a Roadmap for this which will be updated from time to time. You can the roadmap here: Roadmap
2.5 I have finished Terminal Victor and the Freight Elevator, what's next? content_copy
You have finished the first phase od the Early Access-Version of Techtonica.
Feel free to start open gaming untill FHG will release the next Update with new content - there is always something to do:
  • Research the rest of the Techtree
  • Open all Doors and find all HDD's
  • Study the entrys in the journal
  • Rebuild your factory, there is always space for improvements
  • Try Infused Ores
  • Try some (or all) of the Techtonica-Challanges here in the Challange-Section on the Calculator [under development]
  • Get all Steam-Achievements
2.6 Why are no Achievements avaiable on Xbox?? content_copy
Microsoft dosn't allow changing achievements once placed into the game. So if the achievements would be included now, there is no way to add more of them.
Beacuse of this, FHG decided to add achievements on Xbox only with the full release.
2.7 Can i transfer my XBox-Gamepass-Saves to Steam? content_copy
Yes, there is a great Manual how you can do this created from Whyzerman:

  • Open up file explorer and in the address bar type %localappdata%
  • From here, open the folder called "Packages"
  • Next find the folder named "FireHoseGames.Techtonica_enaqpbkck6w5t"Inside this folder, open the folder named "SystemAppData"
  • Inside the SystemAppData folder open the folder named "wgs"
  • There should be 2 folders in this folder, one with a string of letters and numbers, and one named "t". Open the folder with the string of letters and numbers.
  • Inside this folder you should see 1 file named "containers.index" and another folder (or folders) with a random string of letters and numbers. If you have multiple saves, each save is under a different folder using a different string of letters and numbers. Sort by date modified to find the latest save file.Inside each of your save file folders, you will find 3 files. The largest file is your save file, the other 2 files are index files.
  • If you plan on moving the save to Steam, copy the save file to another folder and rename it to something you will be able to identify it by. I renamed mine "myxboxsave.dat"
  • The following assumes you have completed steps 1-9, if not complete those first.
  • If you have not played the Steam version of the game, install and then launch the game -if you have, see 11a. Play through until you dig yourself out of the Cryochamber, than save the game. This establishes a world file where your save will be separated from your other saves.
  • WARNING: If you have already played and have other saves on Steam, to ensure you do not overwrite your other saved games, start a new game, then play through until you dig yourself out of the Cryochamber, than save the game. This establishes a world file where your save will be separated from your other saves.
  • Close and exit the game.
  • In file explorer, and LocalLow folder. If you type %appdata% in your address bar, then go up one directory you should see 3 folders: Local, LocalLow, and Roaming. Open the LocalLow folder.
  • Inside the LocalLow folder should be a folder named Fire Hose Games, open this folder, then the Techtonica folder within it.
  • Inside the Techtonica folder, you should see at least one folder consisting of numbers, they may be preceeded by a dash (-).
  • Sort by date modified, and open the latest modified folder.
  • Inside this folder you will find your new save file(s). One will be named autosave0.dat, the others will be named save_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS.dat
  • Copy your xbox save file into this folder, and open the save file with notepad.
  • The header of the file is a JSON header, that tells the game some basic information about the save file. One of these is "worldName". This can be found at the end of the header. Mine says "worldName":"398738383" Change the value of the world name (the numbers in quotes following worldName) to the name of your world save. This will be the same as the file folder name these files are in. Mine is -111214803, so I changed mine to the following: "worldName":"-111214803"
  • Save and close the file, then launch Techtonica on steam.
  • Click Load game, then scroll down to find the save file you just created. Double click it to start your game.
3. Gameplay Questions for Techtonica
3.1 What is ANEXCAL? content_copy
ANEXCAL is an acronym for "Assembled Nations for EXpedition to CALyx"
3.2 How can i get to Terminal Victor, the way is blocked and pickaxe is not working? content_copy
You have to get the M.O.L.E to get through the barrier north of Terminal Lima.
To get the M.O.L.E you have to complete Terminal Lima requirements I, II and III.
After that you have to use the Radio-Signal right beside the Terminal-Console.
Follow the signal, collect the Sparks-Cube and scan the M.O.L.E.-Fragment on your way back to Terminal Lima.
After that you have to unlock the M.O.L.E in the Techtree and build one.
3.3 I got stucked - how can i escape? content_copy
If possible, simply user your Pickaxe or M.O.L.E.
If this isn't possible, you can go to the Menue (Esc) and use the "Respawn"-Button.
3.4 I can't activate some entrys in the Techtree even if i unlocked them by scanning the HDD, it sais "Locked". content_copy
All Techtree-Entrys requireing Blue Research Cores also requireing a level of Energy-Charge.
You can find the required ammount in the description of the Techree-Entry.
Also in the lower right corener of the Techtree your actual avaiable Energy-Charge is visible.
If you have not enough carge, try building more accumulators.
3.5 Can i undo a activated Techtree-Entry? content_copy
Yes, after you have unlocked "Core Reassignment" in the Science-Techtree Tier IV you can reassign the cores by long pressing the Left Mouse Button.
3.6 I tried to M.O.L.E near the River but it only said "Protected Area". What does this mean? content_copy
Some Areas in the Game (all Kinds of Water, existing Facilities, Terminals, borders of the world) are marked as "Protected".
This means they can't be destroyed to ensure the stability of the game.
3.7 My inventory is full, I'm getting really slow. How can i delete unecessary items? content_copy
So you can increase the Inventory Space unlocking "PackSize I-V" in the Logistics-Section of the Techree or simply craft a Chest and dump all your unecessary items in it.
Additional to this you have the possibility to use your materials to craft mashines and then thresh this machines to get rid of some materials.
3.8 Is there a way to increse the storage-capacity of Chests? content_copy
No, that isn't possible, only the Players Inventory is increaseable unlocking "PackSize I-V" in the Logistics-Section of the Techree.
3.9 How can i block spaces in a Chest to avoid creating too much stuff in my machines? content_copy
To achive this simply place a single Limestone (ore any other item) in the spaces you want to block.
Please be aware of sorting that Chest after this action cause it will collect all single Limestones and build one single Stack of them.
3.10 I've added multiple Crank Generators to my Waterwheel but energy production dosn't increase. What's wrong? content_copy
One Waterwheel can only support two Crank Generators. Adding additional Crank Generators is only usefull if you also add additional Waterwheels.
One Crank generator MKII needs two Waterwheels to work propperly.
There is no limit in connecting Waterwheels and Crank Generators in a line.
3.11 I can't "Mass Collect" plants for getting plantmatter, what's wrong? content_copy
"Mass Collect" is for collecting items from Belts, Inserters, Machines and Containers. You can't use "Mass Collect" for gathering plants.
3.12 What is "Mass Collect" and "Mass Erase"? content_copy
After unlocking "Mass Collect" in the Tech-Tree you are able to hold "E" to create a area in which every item will be collected. This does only work with items, not with harvestable plants. Increasing the level will increase the size of the selectable area.
After unlocking "Mass Erase" in the Tech-Tree you are able to hold "F" to create a area in which every constructed element will be deleted. Increasing the level will increase the size of the selectable area.
3.13 I've unlocked the "Planter" but it dosn't accept my Kindlevine Seeds!? content_copy
You need to unlock the "Planter" AND the "Thresher" in Tech-Tree to place seeds into a planter.
3.14 I accidently switched my hotbars, how can i undo that? content_copy
You can rotate through the Toolbelts by using "Left Ctrl + Mouswheel" for the lower one, and "Left Shift + Mousewheel" for the upper one.
Also direct selection with "Left Shift + #" and "Left Ctrl + #" is possible. Replace # with a number (e.g. 1 or 2)
3.15 The "Core Composer" dosn't accept the ingredients for cores! content_copy
You can only feed finished cores into a "Core Composer". So you have first to craft the cores in an Assembler or by hand, and then feed them in with some inserters and belts.
3.16 I need Plantmatter Fiber to create Plantmatter Frames. How can i get this item? content_copy
You have to double-thres Kindlevine for this: First thresh "Kindlevine" to get "Kindlevine Stems", then thresh these "Kindlevine Stems" to get "Plantmatter Fiber"
Adiitional have a look at this site for Details about Plantmatter Fiber or at this site for the production-calculation
3.17 How can I get rid of the empty chests showing green dots on the map? content_copy
At the moment, this is not possible. The Developers are working on a solution to hide/deconstruct/DoSomethingDiffernt with this empty chests.
3.18 I have unlocked the Hoverpack, but how can I use it? content_copy
Simply do a double-jump, so pressing fast two times the spacebar will put you in the air.
Pressing the Spacebar again is deactivating the HoverPack.
HoverPack in Techtonica dosn't consume fuel or has a duration on usage!
4. Technical Questions / Solutions
4.1 The game looks strange, like beeing in a fisheye! content_copy
Please go to the Menue, select "Video" and reset the "FOV"- and "First Person FOV"-Slider to the default value (67)

For X-Box-Users: you can use this workaround, presented from our Community Member Rami (Thx!):

Soo If anyone have any issue with Xbox FOV try setting Xbox Language and Location to English and US that will restart the console No worrie start the Game again and then start a Play Session now Go to Video settings resett that by pressing Y now all should be fine your Welcome to set your language as wanted.
4.2 I have a black screen, i can't play! content_copy
Please go to the Menue, select "Video" and modify the "Gamma"-Slider (default: 1,5).
4.3 The different settings for gamma or audio-levels are broken! Sound is extreme loud or nearly not existing. content_copy
Please check the settings in the Menue ("Aufio" or "Video"). Most of these problems can be solved by moving the solders showing "1000%" so they are in a normal value (max 100%).
If this dosn't help you can try this Workaround from one of the FHG-Developers:

OK, I believe I have a workaround for people who are experiencing broken settings (ex: audio very loud, no audio at all, gamma set to zero, screen entirely black when playing, etc.) whose PCs are set to non-English languages or regions in Windows.
I know this is a cumbersome workaround, and we are also working on a better fix, but in the meantime this should allow folks to get up and running.

This example assumes you are in Germany, with regional format set to German (Germany) in Windows, but the same process should apply for other region/language settings:

- Make sure that you have fully quit Steam. Don't just close the window.
- Windows Settings > Change your Country or Region > Set Regional format to English for your region. (You do not need to change the region. For an example, setting Regional Format to "English (Germany)" instead of "German (Germany)."
- Start Techtonica. Open Settings from Main Menu. (You will see that your settings may still be incorrect). Select Restore Defaults and press Confirm.
- The game should reload with correct settings, in English.
- Start a game, and save, then quit.
- Fully quit Steam.
- Now you can restore your previous settings in Change your Country or Region, then restart Steam and Techtonica. Settings should be correct, but game is in English.
- In Techtonica, from the Main Menu, go to: Settings > Gameplay > Language, and set the language to your desired language. Confirm. You can now play the game with correct settings, in the correct language.
5. Outside of Techtonica - The Game
5.1 Where can i give some feedback or report bugs in Techtonica? content_copy
You dan do both on the official Techtonica Discord-Server found here,
As well as on the official feedback-page which can be found here.
5.2 On the official Discord-Server many users have a "Alpha Groundbreaker"- or an "Anexcal Recruit"-Role. What's this and how can i get it? content_copy
Both roles are no longer avaiable.
"Alpha Groundbreaker" was achived from the users who played the Alpha-Version.
"Anexcal Recruit" was achived from the users who finished the Demo before 10/2022.
5.3 Is there a Press-Kit / Website-Kit avaiable to promote Techtonica? content_copy
You can find the Press-Kit for Techtonica here.
5.4 Where can i give some feedback or report bugs in this Calculator? content_copy
Please contact me for this on the official Discord Server of Techtonica: or via E-Mail Heyko.